LFC® Case Studies

The LFC biodigester verteert keukenafval, waardoor onze klanten geld besparen, hun bedrijf verbeteren en hun CO2-voetafdruk verminderen.

To embrace a low-carbon future, NOCHI students now have a Power Knot LFC biodigester capable of processing all waste food onsite, and thereby diverting it from the landfill where it would contribute to greenhouse gases.

Comer Homes’ vision for zero organic waste has come alive at Royal Winchester House. The Bracknell project may well serve as a blueprint for other developers in the UK and North America.

Residents at the new Royal Winchester House apartment building will recycle all their waste food onsite, dramatically lowering the carbon footprint of a landmark residential development.

Hertfordshire’s Ye Olde Fighting Cocks pub turns food waste into drain-safe wastewater in 24 hours with new biodigester in anticipation of tighter waste regulations.

CHIK’N restaurant uses only free-range hens while composting food waste in anticipation of impending regulations.

The LFC-100 biodigester at Runnymede Healthcare Centre decomposes about 110 kg (242 lb) of waste food a day into drain-safe ‘grey water’. “Our food service staff puts food waste into the unit from eight in the morning until 7:45 in the evening. The machine works around the clock.”

“Previously, we collected and wrapped outdated and damaged produce on pallets, stored it in the warehouse refrigerator, and shipped it weekly to a solids composting facility, at significant cost. Our LFC biodigester eliminates these costs and frees up valuable refrigerator space.”

The liquid composter comes in several sizes that process 25 pounds to 2,000 pounds daily. It can digest what would be considered hard to break down foods, such as lobster shells, fish bones and pineapple skins.

“We are big on teaching values to the children,” said Natalie Barak, director of advancement. “They learn about environmental responsibility, and they see that we are actually doing something about it.”

Supplies organic produce from a 20,000 sq ft warehouse in Long Island City to stores, restaurants, caterers, bakeries, hotels, Ace Natural, a regional distributor of organic produce, switched from solid waste haulers to dispose of organic waste to an LFC biodigester installed on their property.

The JW Marriott Marquis, Miami, FL, has announced its purchase and successful deployment of a Power Knot LFC biodigester to help the hotel become one of the most sustainable hotels in America.

Pedalers Fork, a new restaurant in old town Calabasas California, installed a bio-digester LFC-200 to digest its waste food. Along with other measures implemented by the restaurant, it is one of the greenest restaurants in California.

Big River Fish Corporation has acquired an LFC biodigester from Power Knot LLC to digest waste fish on site and save sending the waste to the landfill.

“This machine has the potential of diverting 26,000 pounds of waste food from the landfill annually,” said Robert Curtis, Environmental, Health, Safety & Security Services Specialist at Fujitsu.

Customer Testimonials

EVERYBODY LOVES WINSTON ["Winston" is the name Chik'n has given to their LFC Bio-Digester in the kitchen]. . . . Winston does what he does because sending food to landfill is just plain wrong, producing methane which is 72 times worse for the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. The food we feed to Winston comes out carbon neutral so we are leaving as little footprint on the environment as we can.

CHIK’N –  Instagram post  Twitter post

It’s the right thing to do. It does not make sense to discard the waste food on a landfill and other restaurant owners should be doing this.

Tim Rettle – Co-Owner of Pedalers Fork

The LFC has helped our operation become cleaner as well as saving the environment. We have had no problems with the machine and we are always pleased that there is no smell from the machine.

Rick Smith – Owner of Big River Fish

So far, 7.4 tons of food waste have been disposed. One of the biggest benefits to the staff is the LFC limits the amount of waste that must be transported out to the dumpster for landfill disposal.

Audrey Oxendine – Chief of Energy and Utilities at Fort Bragg

From my desk, I can see how much waste we are adding to the LFC by the hour, day, week, and month. I am driving our organization to zero waste so the weighing capability and remote reporting are important to me.

Urs Lutschg – Corporate Director of Engineering at JW Marriott Marquis

The environment is Fujitsu’s prime concern, however most of what we do to support the environment has a long term positive impact on our bottom line. We believe the payback on the LFC-70 will be 24 months or less, due to the reduction of trash going to the landfill.

Marty Engh – Director of Facilities Services at Fujitsu

[We] have been able to divert tons of post and prep food to landfills and reduce our waste weight from going to the landfill as well as our cost of waste dumped per event and non-event days.

Marcelo Essabba – Director of Housekeeping Operations at the largest stadium in S. Florida More

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